OHIP Billing Tips

We’ve gathered our top 6 most useful OHIP billing tips + resources to help Ontario physicians in their billing process.

Register for your OHIP billing number with the Ministry of Health here.
If you only read one thing in the Ontario Resource Manual for Physicians, read this overview of the claims submission process: read section 4.
To obtain an updated version code for a health card number, use this dial-up service: 1-800-262-6524.
The most current OHIP schedule of benefits for reference: Download here.
Dealing with rejections and OHIP error codes?Level 1 corrections are easily made by editing and re-submitting the claim in the app.

For Level 2 rejections, complete the flow in the app, or find the Remittance Advice Inquiry forms here.

If you need an extra hand or are keen to build on your existing billing knowledge, we offer OHIP billing seminars for your group. We’ll provide the billing know-how of experienced physicians and billing experts, along with tips and tricks for increasing your billing income. Sign-up here.

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